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Specialty Color

When thinking about getting a bright & beautiful vivid color a consultation is a must. During the consultation we will go over hair history and hair goals. Most vivid colors require the hair to be pre-lightened.  Whether that is with highlights, balayage, or an all over lightening for the initial appointment. After that maintenance will be applying the vivid once it has faded out.


Service Timeline

First Appointment - Consultation with stylist 15-20 Minutes

Hair history, hair goals, plan, and pricing will be discussed.

Second Appointment - Pre-lightening (if needed) 2-3 Hours

Application of Vivid 1 Hour

Wash, Style, and Cut 1 Hour

Maintenance Re-application of Vivid 1 Hour

(Optional) Wash and Style 1 Hour


Vivid colors are an 80/20 service. 20% of the service is done at the salon to put the color in and make it looks beautiful. The other 80% is with at home care.

Some rules with having vivid color

1) Cool water to wash your hair. It is not fun but keeping the cuticle of the hair closed while washing keeps the color in longer.

2) Color Safe Products. To keep the color in using a non stripping products in the hair will help with the duration of the color.

3) Do not wash your hair everyday! The longer between washes the less chance of washing out the vivid. Dry shampoo will be your best friend.

4) Drying your hair after washes. The longer the hair stays wet after washing the more color will drip out and end up on your towel.

5) Avoid Chlorine Pools! During the summer it is a great way to cool off but the moment vivid hair is dunked into that water the color is immediately stripped out.

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